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Who we are

At First MainStreet Insurance (FMSI), we have a dedicated team focused on serving clients in the public entity arena. We define public entities as cities, counties and educational institutions throughout the state of Iowa. The FMSI Public Entity team is based out of Cedar Rapids, IA and travels across the state to our various local agency offices. We partner with our local team to structure a service model for our clients in those geographic areas that are best aligned to their goals and preferences.

What We Do

We serve as experts in risk management and property & casualty insurance for public entities. We understand the unique needs and challenges faced by organizations just like yours. We provide a true understanding of your pain points and areas of concern that need to be addressed for your organization to thrive relative to offsetting the risk it faces.

Option 1 — the local agent

Option 1 — the local agent

Part of the Community

Trusted Relationship


Option 2 — the "Big box" firm

Option 2 — the "Big box" firm

Valueable Resources


Lack of "Relationship"


Best of Both Worlds




In the Discovery Phase, we assemble a cross-functional leadership team to assess current needs and envision the future of your firm.

We analyze risk exposure, define values, measure culture indicators, and evaluate financial models to assess how our process can impact your bottom line.



A formal written strategic plan built to promote culture, ensure compliance, manage risk and create financial savings.

During the Planning phase, we communicate a statement of work to your management team, develop administrative controls and jointly build a calendar of activities for the next 12 months.




Combining a blend of risk transfer solutions, process improvement consulting, and employee education, we engage your team to achieve maximum results.

Active, accountable, and engaged; our specialists are charged with leading an ongoing mission of implementing strategies to protect and maximize your assets, resources, and opportunities.



We proactively measure, assess and refine our plan for progress to continuously improve our efforts.

We solicit feedback, reflect on program status, measure financial impact and adjust where necessary.


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Each quarter, Joe Vens from the First MainStreet Insurance Public Entity Group publishes a newsletter centered around the insurance market within the public entity arena.

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