The Bulletin | August 2023


Introducing The Bulletin, an e-newsletter tailored to Public Entities, providing you with industry updates and Risk Management solutions to protect your organization.


At First MainStreet Insurance (FMSI) we have a dedicated team focused on serving clients in the Public Entity arena. We define Public Entity as cities, counties, and educational institutions throughout the State of Iowa. Our FMSI Public Entity team is based out of Cedar Rapids, IA and travels across the state to our various local agency offices. We partner with our local team to structure a service model for our clients in those geographic areas that is best aligned to their goals and preferences.

Many of the conversations we are having with our Public Entity clients in Iowa move away from insurance placement and rate analysis, and gear more towards what we can proactively work on throughout the year to improve on the risks we face. Each organization takes on a level of risk as a result of what they do. Whether that is governing a local community, administration of services to a county populous, or providing education to students, risk is inherently in the day-to-day activities that encompasses their greater mission. Of those risks, many (but not all), we look to transfer to the insurance marketplace in exchange for a premium. There exists, however, risks that organizationally you decide to fully retain or retain a portion before insurance contracts kick in (think retentions or deductibles).

So the question is… “Once we’ve done our annual insurance purchasing exercise, what should we focus on for the remainder of the year?”

And as we ask that question, we thought it would be a great time to introduce our team and newsletter to your organization.

We provide a true understanding of your pain points and areas of concern that need to be addressed for your organization to thrive relative to offsetting that risk it faces.


We serve as experts in risk management and property and casualty insurance for Public Entities. We understand the unique needs and challenges faced by organizations just like yours. 

We Provide the BEST of Both Worlds

Historically an organization like yours has had 1 of 2 options when it came to securing their insurance coverage and getting guidance around the policies...

Service from individuals who are familiar & active in your community. Revenue generated directly back into your local community. A specialized team that works with accounts like yours throughout the State of Iowa. Direct access to & strong leverage with the insurers who write coverage specific to your space.


This newsletter is simply to serve as an introduction. If you are interested in a specific discussion on your organization and how we might explore partnering together, there are two options:

  1. If you recognize any of the FMSI partner agencies shown on the next page, reach out to the local team directly and ask about our Public Entity Specialty Group. They can reach out to us and set up a meeting amongst our teams.
  2.  If you’d like to schedule an intro call with us directly, click the link here to do so using our scheduler app:

Thank you for reading. I look forward to any and all future discussions with you and your team!

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