Emerge News | December 2022

Expansion: a thing formed by the enlargement, broadening, or development of something.

It comes with great excitement to announce First MainStreet Insurance (FMSI) has expanded into the great state of South Dakota! Through many conversations and vetting the right fit Platform Agency, FMSI and Revo Insurance Alliance have joined forces in our pursuit to grow and develop our next focus area. The Upper Plains region is prime for a large degree of growth, and we couldn’t be more enthused to begin this journey with Revo and their team.

Revo is a well-known, fast-growing insurance agency located in Aberdeen, South Dakota. Led and owned by Brett Rezatto, this agency has strong family ties in the business, a young and vibrant staff and a strong record of organic growth. With a great reputation in the hospitality business, Revo has built a powerful brand in the marketplace and one that is poised for even further growth as they march forward on their organic growth pursuits.

Brett has been a leader and entrepreneur since starting the agency in 2008. A second-generation insurance agent, Brett learned much from his dad and has parlayed that into a thriving agency. He has amassed a young team of talent, a team that is ready to take the next step in their evolution. Being nimble has been a forte of the Revo team and aligning with the likes of FMSI will allow them to scale their operations and continue their upward growth trajectory. Equally thrilling is that we have brought in two additional partners along with Brett – Kyle and Korey Maple. The two will join FMSI as our newest partners in this new entity. Each having served with Revo for multiple years, Kyle and Korey bring a ton of upside as we move forward. Both polished, talented, eager to learn, and ready to be entrepreneurs along with us.

“The partnership with FMSI was a very natural next step to ensure Revo’s success in the coming years,” shares Revo President, Brett Rezatto. “Great people coupled with unmatched insurance market presence, and a perpetuation plan for my agency. It was an easy decision.”

Now paired with FMSI and TrueNorth, Revo is ready to expand our offerings in the Upper Plains area. We are looking for like-minded, independent agencies that want to bolt on to our platform and continue their legacy pursuits. Like we have done in Iowa, with 37 locations in just a short period of time, we intend on growing the Upper Plains with a wide basket of agencies. Agencies that are looking for something different, something unique and something that gives them a great deal of pride when joining.

"I could not be more excited to bring the First MainStreet platform to South Dakota with the Revo Team. They are professional and we have established a relationship of trust and engagement quickly. The growth potential with Revo and FMSI is very exciting, and I am optimistic about our future."

Dru Bridges
Executive Vice President, First MainStreet Insurance

We are off and running as we drive towards the end of the year. With big plans ahead of ourselves, we are ready for the challenge. Having Revo Insurance Alliance a part of it couldn’t make us any more excited as we head in to 2023 and beyond.

Revo Insurance Alliance, a First MainStreet Insurance Agency — Let’s GO!

Dan Driscoll
Director of Strategic Expansion and M&A


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